Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2017

Da Nang Firework Festival Diff 2017
11 Feb

Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2017

Danang International Firework Festivals – DIFF 2017 will officially last 2 months, from 29th April to 24th June with theme “Shining Marble Mountains”.
Danang International Fireworks Competition which was held every two years, has now changed its name to Danang International Fireworks Festivals, held annually, lasting for two months. The festival is organized by SUN Group in cooperation with Danang, with the objective to change the image of Danang from a location of fireworks competition to a cultural and festive destination for tourists and locals. SUN Group is assigned by Danang People’s Committee to organize the festival for the next 10 years.

Press conference for Diff 2017

Press conference for Diff 2017

Accordingly, DIFF 2017 will involve 8 participating teams with best fireworks experience: China, UK, Australia, Austria, Switzerland… Especially, Vietnam’s fireworks performance will be invested with the best quality and technology, aiming to compete overseas, building the brand name for Danang as Asia’s Leading Festival and Event Destination.

The festival will be on every Saturday, on 29/4, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6 and 24/6, each night with performance from 2 teams. With the theme “Shining Marble Mountains”, this year’s festival will be a series of 5 nights: Fire – Earth – Metal – Water – Wood, on the stage of Five Elements. The performing nights will be broadcast live on Vietnam National Television. DIFF2017 aims to attract 2 million tourists to Danang.

Together with fireworks performing nights, Danang will be in festive mode for 2 whole months with many supporting events: Cham cultural festival, “Five Elements” food festival, Beer festival… These events hope to bring new experience about Danang for tourists and locals.

Pháo hoa quốc tế đà nẵng

Da Nang international firework

In the long term, DIFF 2017-2027 will be 10 years for developing a Danang international brand, bringing DIFF to the levels of international cultural, arts, sports and entertainment  festivals of International Festival Forum – UNESCO.

Danang brand as an international fireworks city will put Danang on global tourism map.

The price for DIFF2017 will not be higher than previous years. The organizers will also have a selling point system for tourists and locals.

According to Mr. Dang Minh Truong, the Chairman of Sun Group, the festival will include the cultural events, water music shows, traditional exhibitions, handmade stalls, handicraft products, or lantern festival. This festival is to promote local identities to both domestic and international tourists.He also said that the fireworks competition will be placed at a certain place. Accordingly, the organization board will build a stadium with large area for nearly 30.000 tourists nearby Han River. This location will guarantee tourist’s safety in the festival. Tourists can experience many spectacular fireworks displays with various color, shape, and music.

Source: tourism.danang.vn

Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2017
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