“Cau Ngu” - Biggest fishermen’s festival in Danang

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18 Feb

“Cau Ngu” – Biggest fishermen’s festival in Danang

“Cau Ngu” or Whale Worshiping Festival, the biggest event of fishermen in Danang City to pray for good weather and fish catches in the new year, was held annually in the middle of the first lunar month gathering a large number of fishermen and visitors.

“Cau Ngu” festival worships ancestors and offers tribute to the sea, and at the same time serves as a spiritual-life activity for fishermen who have to fish offshore all year round. The festival also shows the tradition of “When drinking water, remember its source” and pays tribute to fore-sages who established and developed fishing villages and strengthened solidarity among fishermen.

Cau Ngu festival in Da Nang

The festival consists of activities such as the Whale Worshiping ritual, peace-praying ceremony, and other cultural and sports events like a fish-net weaving contest, beach-football, tug-of-war and stick-pushing competitions .

The annual Cau Ngu (Fish Worshipping) Festival for fishermen in Son Tra District will take place at the Whale Temple in the district’s Man Thai Ward between 21 and 23 February (25th – 27th days of the 1st lunar month).
During the 3-day event, there will be a wide range of interesting festive activities. There will be traditional competitions such as tug-of-war in the sea, beach volleyball, fish carrying, and fishing net knitting, plus a ‘bai choi’ (singing while acting as playing cards) performance. In addition, there will be stalls introducing and selling local seafood products such as fish sauce, dried fish, prawns and cuttlefish.

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The Vice Chairman of Son Tra District People’s Committee, Mr Nguyen Dac Xung, remarked “Currently, many of the district’s coastal sporting and festive activities are facing the threat of falling into oblivion. The Cau Ngu Festival is part of the district’s project to preserve the cultural values of the local coastal area. Under the project, the Festival will be held every year, with each of the district’s wards alternating as hosts. The organisational costs will be partly covered by the district’s budget, whilst the remainder will come from public donations”.

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