lịch sử và ý nghĩa ngày quốc tế phụ nữ 8/3

Lịch sử và ý nghĩa ngày quốc tế phụ nữ 8/3
4 Mar

The History and Significance of International Women’s Day 8/3

1. History of International Women’s Day 08/03/1857 – 08/03/2017

On 8-March each year, the woman around the world to be honored humanity. Now let Adamo together have a look back of the history of International Women’s Day – 8/3 days to learn more about it. At the end of ninth century, on the 8th March, 1857 many women in industrially-developing countries entered the labor force taking jobs with poor working conditions, low wages and little or no chance of improvement. Then, the workers in Chicago and New York (USA) flush on downtown streets declare their protest against such conditions. It was their angry that created the global impetus for an International Women’s Day.

Women's Day History

Women’s Day History

Nearly 50 years later, again 08/03/1908, about 15,000 women continued flush on the streets of New York City. They demanded higher wages, shorter hours and cancel the arrest child labor. Later, the US Socialist Party declared International Women’s Day is the day 02.28.1909.

Until 03/08/1910, The Second World held a conference of Women, it has more than 100 deputies who are women from 17 countries gathered for the right to vote for women. Mrs. Clara Zetkin, a German woman at that time was President of the Conference, was asked to choose a day of International Women’s Day to be grateful to the brave women who stood up to fight worldwide. Finally, the conference has decided that 8/3 day was an International Women’s Day every year enclosed the slogan: “Protect Mothers and Children”, “8-hour working per day”, “equal employment “.

Since then, annual 8/3 day has become common struggle of all working women all over the world and fight for national independence, peace, happy and the benefit of women and children.

2. The significance of 8/3 days each year

Meaning of 8/3 International Women’s Day is content not only in equal rights, but also be extended to the new concept of “development”, “non-discrimination” and “Gender”. The topic of women was developed in many countries around the world. It was recognized positively on the various aspects through a series of world conferences.

Following 4 Conferences on Women from 70s decade: In Mexico in 1975, opening the first Conference for Women; The 2nd Conference in 1980 in Copenhagen (Denmark); In Nairobi (Kenya) in 1985 “looking forward strategy for the advancement of women” was adopted at the 3rd Summit; And in 1995 Fourth Conference held in Beijing (China).

3. Woman’s Day on our country – Viet Nam

On 8/3 days in Vietnam is an opportunity to remember the uprising of Ba Trung, Ba Trieu – the first two heroines of Vietnam, who drove elephants against aggressors, protected our country.
On spring of 40s, received enthusiastic responses from Lac Hau, Lac Tuong and of many women on the whole country participating in the war, Hai Ba Trung started war.
Under the skillful leadership of Hai Ba Trung, together with patriotism, hatred powerful enemy, the war spread quickly across the country and won, the minister To Dinh had to haircuts, shaving and fled the country.

Winner in this war of Hai Ba Trung is seen as an immortal epic, expressing the independence, pride of the nation. Moreover, the uprising was also seen as a testament to the power of women Vietnam in the history of struggle and building the country.

Ba Trung, Ba Trieu against aggressors to protect our country

Ba Trung, Ba Trieu against aggressors to protect our country

Until the rights and full potential of women all over the world are achieved, lasting solutions to the world’s serious social, economic and political problems are unlikely to be solved. International Women’s Day is a day for international solidarity among women and for global awareness.  It is a day to celebrate the gains women have made and to focus on the changes that are still needed.

To offset the disadvantage, the silent sacrifice of the Women, they deserve to give themself a meaningful day to get to the words of love, affection and sharing of all everybody. At the same time, receive more attention from the world’s other half, the share of work and hardships with women who you love.

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